Drone Services – Agriculture

Drone Services – Agriculture

Since their introduction, drones have been revolutionizing agriculture. Using this technology, drones provide farmers with a fast and accurate way to assess their land, monitor their crop health, and create GPS mapping systems.

When it comes to mapping and surveying farmland, drones provide clear advantages over other methods. The imaging they provide is accurate, detailed, and comes in real-time so necessary actions can be taken immediately.

As impressive as the practical applications for the detailed imaging drones provide are, they also serve plenty of other purposes in the agricultural industry:

  1.  Multispectral and thermal imaging provides vegetation health mapping for management of problems such as moisture and disease.
  2. Drones increase crop spraying efficiency because the real-time information they receive and transmit allows you to control how much and where they spray.
  3. Using drones for planting is a critical factor in cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Coastal Resource Mapping is pleased to offer drone services to assist with a vast selection of agricultural tasks. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch today.

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