Drone Services – Construction & Land Development

Drone Services – Construction & Land Development

Coastal Mapping Resources uses drone technology to help construction and land development businesses in a variety of ways. In fact, drones have become an essential tool for assisting in not only large-scale operations but in day to day business functions as well.

Land developers can use drones to research land terrain before commencing construction as well as facilitating more accurate project modeling and forecasting. Once the construction process begins, drone imaging contributes to project efficiency.

Construction surveyors notice significant advantages when they introduce drone technology to their operations. These are just some of the ways surveyors can utilize drone imaging during a land development project:

  1. Map worksite development over time
  2. Calculating earthwork volume
  3. Obtaining panoramic images of the worksite, including views of tall structures
  4. Elevation mapping
  5. Analyzing environmental and terrain changes

The superior intelligence drone imaging provides about job sites is also useful for communicating project progress with clients. Using drone surveillance functions, site security is improved, the risk of theft or vandalism is reduced, and they help keep your employees safe at the same time.

To learn more about utilizing drone technology in the construction and land development industries, get in touch today.

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