Drone Services – Construction & Land Development

Drone Services – Construction & Land Development

Coastal Mapping Resources uses drone and ESRI technology to help construction and land development businesses in a variety of ways. From providing GIS technical assistance and analysis to database management, drones have become an essential tool for assisting in not only large-scale operations, but in day-to-day business functions as well.

CRM provides value-added services to land developers by leveraging GIS mapping analysis of land terrain before construction activity begins. . This allows for more accurate project modeling as well as project forecasting. Once the construction process begins, drone imaging contributes significantly to overall project efficiency.

Construction surveyors who partner with CRM immediately benefit from the advantages introduced by drone technology into their operations. Here are just some of the benefits construction andland Development companies realize with our drone-based surveys:

  • Map time-lapsed worksite progression/development
  • Easily calculating earthwork volume
  • Obtaining panoramic images of the worksite, including views of tall structures
  • Elevation mapping
  • Analyzing environmental and terrain changes

The superior intelligence drone imaging provides about job sites is also useful for communicating project progress with clients. That along with staff safety is a key driver for drone services.

To learn more about utilizing outsourced drone and GIS services in the construction and land development industries, get in touch today.

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