Drone Services – Engineering & Surveying

Drone Services – Engineering & Surveying

The industrial applications of Coastal Resource Mapping’s drone services are vast, and they extend to a selection of industries including engineering and surveying.


Civil engineering benefits from significant improvements to industry practices brought upon with the assistance of drone services. Some of these improvements include:

Safety: Engineers face safety risks that include conducting their work in risky areas. Drones are easily manoeuvered, which means they can get into these dangerous or tight places (i.e., identifying areas for repair on a smoke stack or communication tower) for engineers, minimizing human risk on the job.

Transportation and Logistics: Drone services help with logistics planning in construction sites by flagging potential risks and providing high-level imagery for assessing work sites. Similarly, they can help transport materials and find the best path for doing so. Drone surveying of construction sites over time provide valuable progress reports for staff and managers.


Conducting surveys of areas and operations is an essential task that’s been made more reliable and effective with the help of drone imagery. Some of the advantages our drone imagery provides over traditional surveillance methods include:

Accuracy: Drone imaging is high-resolution, and cameras can be adjusted remotely, allowing for quick changes to photographic depth.

Risk: Drone operation takes place remotely, which means the drone operator doesn’t face safety risks in obtaining important data.

Cost Efficient: Because drone operations can be controlled from a remote location at a site, ongoing operations are not disrupted.

Environmental: Unlike other surveillance methods, drones do not operate on harmful fumes, providing a clear environmental advantage over other surveillance techniques.

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