Drone Services – Engineering & Surveying

Drone Services – Engineering & Surveying

The industrial applications of CRM’s (Coastal Resource Mapping) drone and GIS services are extensive and extend to a vast selection of industries including engineering and surveying.


Civil engineering has benefited from a series of advancements in drone and GIS services that have transformed traditional industry practices. By partnering with an outsourced GIS mapping and drone services company, civil engineers can now focus on the core elements of the project.



Drone imagery has completely transformed how surveys are now conducted.  Drone imagery of site operations has been made more reliable and effective with the help of drone imagery. One of the biggest advantages with drone imagery is high-resolution imagery.  Compared to traditional surveillance methods drone imaging is high-resolution, and drone cameras can be adjusted remotely, allowing for quick changes to photographic depth.


Some of the benefits to the engineering field include:

  • Safety: Engineers face a myriad of challenges and safety risks relating to field work that is now eliminated with aerial surveys. Also, by removing traditional surveyors from the site and replacing them with air-based data collection, safety is greatly enhanced when you partner with a drone services company. Simply put, drones are easily maneuvered, around dangerous and or tight spaces when inspecting areas for repair on a bridge, utility pole or communication tower eliminating human risk.
  • Cost-savings through improved efficiencies: Drones have all but eliminated operational shutdowns through streamlined data gathering operations that were otherwise unavailable to the industry. Drone services company’s leverage repeatable data collection techniques to maximize analytic results
  • Informed Decision-making: Working with a team of GIS analysis experts allows for (knowledgeable/expert) decisions regarding site management and is a key strategy to the success of any organization
  • Enhanced Communication: Web-based GIS Mapping Services deliver rich interactive maps and visualizations to provide better storytelling
  • Improved Geographic Information Logs: For organizations responsible for maintaining records of fluctuations in geographic regions (known as geographic accounting), partnering with firms that specialize in database management is an asset.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Drone services add tremendous value with logistics planning in construction sites by flagging potential risks as well as providing high-level imagery for assessing work sites. Drone surveying has made site-progression a reality with. Drone delivered site surveys allow for the real-time site progress tracking that immediately adds value-based reporting for staff and managers.


To learn more about utilizing outsourced drone and GIS services in the engineering and surveying fields, get in touch today.

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