Drone Services – Forestry & Wild Fire Management

Drone Services – Forestry & Wild Fire Management


With high-resolution drone imagery, forest management becomes much more reliable and efficient. Over the last decade drones have become an extremely valuable tool for the Forestry and Wildfire Management sector.

Drones are an integral component for procuring environmental data and tracking forest health. Drones are being used to safely deliver everything from forestry operations surveys, detailed geo-spatial management reports (for perspective prospects / government departments) to managing and containing wildfires.  Drone imagery can help with it all.

Wild Fire Management

The image analysis software used by drones helps pinpoint wildfire risks while also alerting the necessary officials to battle the blaze. Once fires have started, drones are also useful in combatting the flames by providing accurate geo-spatial information pinpointing the fires hotspots. With advancements in drone and camera technology, drones can now determine the actual temperature of the fire’s hotspot, then, by selecting a temperature (or glow intensity) we can even isolate the location.

The detailed information provided by drone imaging gives land managers and forestry specialists access to more accurate information about the land faster than ever before. With the help of drone surveys and the data they provide, these forestry management tasks become more efficient and effective:

  1. Forest planning (tree growth modeling, road construction)
  2. Tracking and managing wildfire progression
  3. Assisting with ecosystem conservation
  4. Compliance with regulatory standards
  5. Monitoring timber operations
  6. Pest and disease monitoring

Not only does drone imagery provide more detailed information than ever before, it also offers a safer option for surveying difficult forest terrain. The advantages are clear, drone services provide a more cost-effective, faster, and safer way of performing critical forestry and wildfire management.

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