Drone Services – Mining

Drone Services – Mining

With the introduction of drone imagery and GIS services, mining operations have not only become far safer, they’ve also become more reliable and efficient. Drones and the incredibly powerful aerial data they deliver are bringing cost and time-saving innovations to a myriad of mining processes. With the introduction of professional-grade maps and 3D models have transformed how volumetrics are now being calculated.

In a notoriously high-risk industry like mining, the benefits from partnering with an outsourced drone services company can significantly improve your overall efficiency.  Some of the key benefits include:

  • Volumetric computations
  • Track of equipment locations
  • Environmental compliance
  • Mining operations boundary disputes
  • detecting water leaks and spills
  • Vegetation growth management
  • Tails assessment and management

By providing critical environmental data in real-time, drone imagery makes the mining process more environmentally sound.

To learn more about what this high-level imaging can do for your mining operation, contact Coastal Resource Mapping today.

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