Drone Services – Mining

Drone Services – Mining

Mining operations have not only become safer, but also more reliable and efficient with the help of drone technology. A notoriously high-risk industry benefits significantly from the use of drones when it comes to surveying mines and obtaining accurate information. In addition to being a much safer option than traditional mining surveys, drone imagery provides several other significant advantages.


Drones can obtain volumetric computations and calculate mobile and static resources at a much lower cost than traditional methods.


If you face boundary disputes with your mining operations, drones can provide the necessary data to fight the case. Similarly, when incidents occur in the area, drone imagery proves useful.


Common environmental risks associated with mining operations can be mitigated with the help of drone services. From detecting water leaks, monitoring vegetation growth in the area, managing and assessing tailings, and providing critical environmental data in real-time, drone imagery makes the mining process more environmentally sound.

These are just some of the mining operations drone services can assist with. To learn more about what this high-level imaging can do for you, contact Coastal Resource Mapping today.

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