Drone Services

CRM Drone Services

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs aka drones) are a cost-effective option for remote acquisition of high resolution-aerial imagery, multispectral and thermal data. We are fully insured for UAV operations and are certified with a standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). This allows our operators to perform UAV flights anywhere in the Pacific Region without the need for Transport Canada permission therefor can fly at a moment’s notice. 

CRM currently offers aerial survey services for: 

  • Forestry / Wild Fire Management
  • Fisheries
  • Mining 
  • Engineering / Surveying
  • Construction & Land Development
  • Local & Municipal Governments 
  • Agriculture


Our survey-grade (cm accuracy) UAV data collection methods deliver photogrammetric imagery to provide accurate situational awareness. The data can be integrated into any GIS information system or survey CAD application for further analysis and reporting. 

Biproducts of this information include interactive 3D models for further insight including volumetric reports.   

We can cater a variety of deliverables including output into existing information systems or we can provide access from a secure web portal. 

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