Precision Agriculture

Outdoor Survey Grade Mapping
& Data Analytics

Drones have been revolutionizing the agricultural industry since their inception. Leveraging this technology, drones provide farmers with a fast and accurate way to assess their land, monitor crop health, and locate and tag crop issues quickly & efficiently. Whether it’s your first harvest, or you’re a seasoned grower, Coastal Resource Mappings Precision Ag solution will provide you with better information allowing you to make better more efficient farming decisions.

Once the data is captured, processed and uploaded to our grower’s secure web-portal, they have instant access to a full range of statistics such as plant count, plant health and stress detectors.  By providing our growers with real-time actionable metrics right to their PC, or mobile devices, we’re enabling our growers to increase yield and overall harvest profit by up to 35%.

Precision Agriculture brings survey grade mapping and data analytics directly to the field resulting in higher yields, and lower production costs.

When it comes to mapping and surveying farmland, drones provide clear advantages over other methods. Let’s face it, to walk and manually inspect ONE acre of crop would take well over 10 hours.  With CRM’s Precision Ag solution, our drones with their specialized sensors can map and analyze hundreds of acres of crop in just a few hours.

We combine the drone captured data with our expertise in ag analytics to ensure our growers can:


  • Generate prescription maps for zone-specific treatments
  • Detect early indicators of plant stress
  • Optimize the zonal efficiency of fields
  • Early detection of irrigation issues
  • Count and size plants
  • Assess storm damage

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