UAV Services – Harmac Pacific Chip Pile Assessment Project

Harmac Pacific operates a Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) pulp mill near Nanaimo, BC. The mill produces high-quality pulps from custom blends of Douglas fir, western hemlock, balsam fir, interior SPF, and western red cedar.

Harmac requires volume analysis of wood chips used in pulp production. Conventional survey methods are dangerous, time consuming, and result in inaccuracies due to the regular change in pile size.

By employing UAV technology for chip pile volume calculations, CRM addresses the issues with conventional survey methods. Remote sensing removes danger as ground crews are away from the piles. Data acquisition takes less time and post-processing occurs off-site. Drone flight operations do not disrupt ongoing operations.

CRM provides Harmac with accurate statistical reports and geographically correct ortho-imagery.